Forno D'Oro brings Authentic Neapolitan Pizza to your event.

Our story

Forno D’Oro started with the idea of offering their unique service to an audience interested in the creation of home-made Neapolitan pizzas with high quality ingredients, using a wood-burning mobile oven in occasion of private and/or corporate events.

The construction of the wood oven, created by a leading Italian company in the sector, carried out the guidelines provided by Forno D’Oro that consists of a personalized mosaic.

Our Pizza recipe comes from an authentic Neapolitan method which also consist of a slow and prolonged fermentation, making our Neapolitan Pizza light and tasty. Our wood fired oven cooks pizzas at a high temperature, which gives them a crispy crust and a flavorful, smoky taste. We offer a variety of toppings to choose from, so you can create the perfect pizza for your guests.

Forno D’Oro also allows its customers to select different packages with authentic products other than the Neapolitan Pizza, which represents the company’s core business, including dry biscuits, sweets, focaccias, side dishes, etc.

Our team of professional pizza makers will bring the authentic Italian pizza experience directly to your next event.

Our authentic

Neapolitan Pizza

100 percent italian ingredient
Made fresh at your event
wood oven pizza

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